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Sleeping motorist causing more Ohio crashes

State law enforcement officials have reported a frightening increase in the number of traffic accidents in Ohio resulti...

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Child faces wrongful death due tonsillectomy

Ohioans shouldn't be strangers to routine medical procedures like tonsillectomies or wisdom tooth removal, but as you s...

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Vehicular manslaughter charges in fatal car crash

A 24-year-old male motorist is facing vehicular homicide charges in a fiery fatal crash in which his car hit a minivan ...

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Drunken driver imprisoned for causing fatal crash

A 28-year-old man from Pedro, Ohio, has been sent to prison for eight years after being convicted of aggravated vehicul...

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Minor explosion impact can still cause brain damage

A new study of the impact of mild explosion injuries on active duty soldiers shows that they can still result in signif...

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Telemedicine can reduce errors

Physicians have been consulting with each other since the practice of medicine began, but now the ability to get guidan...

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Woman from Kenton sues over son’s death

If you've been to Lima, Ohio, you might be interested in hearing about this medical malpractice case that was recently ...

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Driver in fatal crash accused of falling asleep behind wheel

A 20-year-old male driver accused of causing an accident that ended the life of a 55-year-old woman in a car crash in H...

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Ohio truck driver dies in fiery highway crash

A 59-year-old male truck driver from Jamestown, Ohio, died at the scene of a three-truck accident. The interstate highw...

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