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Truck accident kills 1, injures 44 on bus

A collision between a tractor-trailer and a Greyhound bus headed for Cleveland, Ohio, resulted in the death of one woman bus passenger, and injuries to 44 others aboard the bus. The accident occurred in the early morning hours in Union County on Interstate 80. The 36-year-old tractor-trailer driver asserted that

Woman awarded $13M in birth injury lawsuit

A 38-year-woman will receive $12.9 million dollars after a jury ruled that the medical center where she delivered her baby was responsible for a disfiguring injury the child suffered during birth. The judge overseeing the case resulted in the largest civil lawsuit award he has seen in eight years as

Hospitals may keep secrets about mistakes

Franklin readers probably have had to deal with a minor medical mistake at some point in their lives. Most people do. But what would you think if you found out that your hospital was keeping a number of mistakes quiet while you suffered from them? Have you ever wondered why

Crackdown on some Ohio reckless drivers

Three Ohio law enforcement agencies are the recipients of federal grant money to pay for police overtime to crackdown on reckless driving behaviors that frequently result in Ohio car accidents that injure or kill motorists, passengers, and pedestrians. The money was parceled out by the state Department of Public Safety

Experts say cardiac stents linked to death

In the last ten years, surgeons across the United States implanted cardiac stents in over 7 million people, touting their ability to boost the flow of blood and treat heart disease. However, the families of many of these patients and other advocates have accused such physicians of misusing stents and

Toxic chemicals sprayed on woman sitting in car

A woman in Columbus, Ohio, says that she was recently sprayed with toxic chemicals by a fire department ambulance while sitting in her convertible car. She was completely soaked and required hospitalization with life threatening injuries days later. She and her husband filed a personal injury lawsuit against the city’s


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