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Ohio truck driver dies in fiery highway crash

A 59-year-old male truck driver from Jamestown, Ohio, died at the scene of a three-truck accident. The interstate highw...

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Parents awarded $28 million in federal birth injury case

A baby's birth should be a time of celebration, but in some tragic cases, the very act of birth causes serious injury t...

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Woman names multiple facilities and doctors in lawsuit

Though the standard of care is generally high in hospitals throughout the nation, residents of Franklin, Ohio, probably...

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Bars to pay $6.6 million for motorist’s paralysis

A 36-year-old man who attempted to drive home while visibly intoxicated after being served alcoholic beverages at two b...

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Connecticut malpractice victim wins large settlement

A jury in Bridgeport, Connecticut has awarded $9.2 million to a woman from Fairfield who endured a series of medical bl...

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Class-action tuberculosis suit targets hospital

A Las Vegas hospital is accused of exposing numerous patients, staff and visitors to tuberculosis, potentially endanger...

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Most kids don’t wear helmets during bike accidents

Bicycle accidents are a major cause of injuries among children in Ohio and nationwide. Such accidents are often the ca...

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Ohio women sue government for medical negligence

Two Ohio women recently submitted a medical malpractice claim, naming the federal government as the defendant. Both wom...

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13 students and 2 drivers injured in bus-car collision

A school bus carrying 41 students from a middle school was recently hit in the left front area by a Pontiac Gram Am. Th...

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