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Two injured in crash with tanker truck

Three vehicles, two cars and a tanker truck, were involved in an afternoon crash near Malvern, Ohio, on state Route 43. Two vehicle occupants were injured, although police investigators indicated that their wounds appeared not to be life threatening. The impact of the collision apparently totally destroyed the cab of

Woman killed after train hits van

A 31-year-old Camden, Ohio, woman was killed when the van she was driving was hit by a train. The accident occurred just as she was attempting to go into her home’s driveway. The Norfolk Southern freight train was traveling on tracks at a private crossing. At the time, another train

Ohio hospital faces lawsuit over botched transplant

An Ohio man and his family have filed a lawsuit against the University of Toledo Medical Center after the hospital mistakenly threw away a kidney the man donated to his sister for transplant. The lawsuit, which seeks damages of over $25,000, accuses the medical facility’s staff of negligence. The hospital

Motorcycle-car crash prompts new intersection signs

After a recent crash involving a motorcycle and a car at the intersection of State Route 162 and Ryan Road, Lafayette Township, Ohio, officials are planning to see to it that additional traffic warning signs are erected. They are seeking assistance from state law enforcement and transportation agencies to make


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