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Federal regulators accused of ignoring unsafe trucking operations

The federal agency charged with regulating the safety of commercial bus and trucking operations has been accused of ign...

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Hospital death being investigated for odd circumstances

Ohioans familiar with medical procedures and emergency room tactics know that medical errors are not supposed to be com...

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Child dies after elective procedure due to lack of checks

Franklin, Ohio, readers might have heard about this news story. In 2002, a little girl passed away after an elective su...

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Johnson & Johnson to pay $2.2 billion

Ohioans who have taken prescription medications know that they can sometimes be difficult to understand take accurately...

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Technical issues can cause or worsen surgical errors

The Emergency Care Research Institute ranks technology health hazards on an annual basis, and the 2013 list shows that ...

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Child dies following surgery after alleged medical mistake

Ohioans who watch the news might have heard that a woman in California is making waves in the medical legislation depar...

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Columbus woman paralyzed in car crash

A 20-year-old Columbus, Ohio, woman was paralyzed as a result of injuries suffered in a June 5 car crash. She was ridin...

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Judgment upheld against hospital whose brain surgery patient died

Franklin, Ohio, readers might know about brain injuries and the extent of damage they can cause. A brain injury of any ...

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Overwork accused of causing nurse’s fatal crash

The widower of a woman who worked as a nurse at Jewish Hospital in Kenwood, Ohio, is suing the hospital for his wife's ...

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