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Driver accused of fleeing scene of fatal crash

A 36-year-old female motorist is facing serious criminal charges for allegedly fleeing the scene of an accident in whic...

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Seizure drug believed to cause birth defects

Ohio residents may be shocked to know that a recent ruling from a Philadelphia jury decided against Johnson & Johns...

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Care for brain injuries varies at different hospitals

Franklin, Ohio, readers are probably aware that hospitals differ. A brain injury treatment at one hospital may not be t...

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Young man killed in truck accident

A 21-year-old man was killed while going home from the downtown Cincinnati post office when the car he was riding in wa...

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Medical errors result in 1 death and 1 permanent injury

Franklin, Ohio, residents who have a surgery or go through another medical procedure may worry about a mistake happenin...

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Brain injured man struggling to recover

At the age of 20, over a year ago, a man from North Strabane, Ohio, attending school at Indiana University of Ohio was ...

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Baby injured during delivery due to a lack of oxygen in the womb

Franklin, Ohio, readers might be interested in this news about the Los Angeles County Board approving a $7.5 million pa...

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Nurse dies from complications; family wins in court

Ohioans who have ever had a medical issue know that there are many times when a mistake can lead to serious injuries or...

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High school hockey player suffers serious injury

A 16-year-old high school hockey player suffered a serious injury during a weekend game. He received two fractured vert...

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