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Ohio law caps medical malpractice damages

Members of an Ohio family can only receive a maximum malpractice award of $250,000 each following a botched transplant at the University of Toledo Medical Center due to a state law designed to limit economic harm to government-operated institutions. Had the incident occurred at a private medical facility, a lawsuit

>Ohio State University to participate in cerebral palsy study

Ohio State University will join other educational institutions in hosting study sites for new research into cerebral palsy, a severe health disorder frequently caused by injuries experienced during, before or after birth. According to the Centers for Disease Control, cerebral palsy represents the most widespread motor disability among children, with

Ohio surgeon accused of fraud

Those in Franklin, Ohio, may be surprised to hear about a spine surgeon near Cincinnati who allegedly caused his patients pain and suffering due to unnecessary surgeries on their backs and necks, including the spinal cord near the brain. According to reports, the doctor could face up to 25 years

Couple sues over medical malpractice

This news may interest those in Franklin, as it involves St. Francis Hospital in Ohio. According to the report, a West Virginian couple is suing a physician at the hospital for alleged medical malpractice related to a failure to diagnose a potentially damaging abscess pressing on the patient’s spinal cord.

Wrongful death suit reopened for third trial

Those in Franklin might be interested in this wrongful death case that is being reopened by order of a judge. The State District Judge ordered a third trial involving the Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center after cautioning the hospital’s lawyer’s actions in the previous trial. According to the report,


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