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Hit and run driver kills 5-year-old boy

A 5-year-old boy walking with another child, an older cousin, to a school bus stop on a Friday morning in Cleveland, Oh...

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Couple sues hospital over amputation that may have been prevented

Any time you go to the hospital, you trust that the medical care you'll receive will be thorough and accurate. But what...

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Patient falls a cause of extended stays in hospitals

If you fall in a hospital or nursing care facility, there is always a risk that you could hit your head and have a mino...

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Robotic surgeons may not live up to the hype

In the world of medicine, there is a common belief that more technology is better. And in many cases, this is true -- p...

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Greyhound driver was unconscious before accident

A Greyhound bus driver who was involved in an accident in which a minimum of 35 people were injured has no memory of th...

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Overdose deaths result in malpractice suits for veteran

Opiates are very serious drugs that can result in heart attacks, lethargy, and brain damage if they're abused. In this ...

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Widow names person she thinks is responsible for husband’s death

Franklin readers may be interested in this fatal accident that resulted in the death of one man. According to news from...

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New charges filed against Ohio spine surgeon

Regular readers may remember a story posted here in July about an Ohio spine surgeon who was facing federal charges for...

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Buckeyes baseball player recovering from brain injury

A former Ohio State baseball player with the Buckeyes team was injured while riding his bicycle when he was hit by a mo...

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