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Ohio University settles in medical malpractice suit

Misdiagnoses can be serious enough to cause death or severe impairment to individuals. This is what happened to one former student of Ohio University in 2007. She visited OU’s Hudson Health Center in 2007 and they failed to diagnose a flesh-eating bacteria disease. The result of the misdiagnosis caused her

State highway worker hit by truck

A 19-year-old man who just graduated from high school was recently hit by a 2008 Dodge flatbed tow truck as he worked for the Ohio Department of Transportation in a construction area locate on state Route 534. Like many other Ohio truck accidents, distracted driving was involved. Investigators said the

Truck crash kills girl, hospitalizes five

An 18-year-old girl was recently killed in a truck crash occurring near the Ohio – West Virginia border. The accident also caused injuries resulting in the hospitalization of five other persons, including two victims listed in critical condition. Five other persons riding in the cab of the truck suffered less

Motorist whose car killed teen jailed

A male motorist whose car crashed into another vehicle, killing its teen driver, has been sentenced to three months in jail. He will be allowed out part of the time on work release as part of a deal worked out with the prosecution. The motorist, who was also a teenager

West Virginia couple sues radiologists for malpractice

Those in Franklin, Ohio, will be interested to hear about this doctor’s mistake that led to the suffering of his paying patient. According to reports, the female patient filed a complaint on June 28 in the Kanawha Circuit Court that stated the doctor and his colleagues had incorrectly interpreted a

Drunk driver guilty in death of police officer

A 45-year-old male motorist has admitted to being intoxicated when his vehicle interfered with a police car, causing the death of a 32-year-old Willoughby, Ohio, police officer. The car accident occurred last September. The prosecutor stated the motorist had consumed a number of alcoholic beverages before getting behind the wheel.

Hospital Nearly Harvested Organs From Living Patient

In 2009, a young woman was admitted to a New York hospital after overdosing on a combination of pharmaceutical drugs. Despite showing signs of life, such as curling her toes and demonstrating resistance to being placed on a ventilator, the patient was declared dead and the hospital staff prepared to


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