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Truck accident leaves one driver in critical condition

A tow truck driver who was on the shoulder of the road on westbound U.S. 30 in Ohio was hit by a 2001 Ford 250 pickup t...

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Award for $1.365 million for injured baby upheld by courts

It's truly tragic when a doctor's mistake leads to an infant's birth injuries. Franklin, Ohio, readers may be pleased t...

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Son wins malpractice suit after his father passes away

Franklin, Ohio, readers may have been faced with a wrongful death in the past, and if so, know that it can be troubling...

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Truck crash leaves man paralyzed

A man is now paralyzed from his chest down as a result of spinal cord injuries suffered in a vehicle accident earlier t...

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Bellevue woman dies in fiery car crash

A 36-year-old woman died in a car accident that took place while her vehicle was stopped at a traffic signal at the int...

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Cap on medical malpractice payouts in question

Those in Ohio may be interested to hear about doctors' failure to treat infections that led to a little boy having a br...

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Court applies malpractice laws to doctors’ clinics in New Mexico

Readers in Franklin, Ohio, might be worried to hear that some medical malpractice laws are capping the amount victims c...

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Lawsuit accuses doctors of fatal medical error

A Nebraska family is accusing two physicians and the medical facility with which they are employed of inadvertently kil...

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Medication errors threaten Ohio patients’ safety

According to Forbes Magazine, American patients suffer from around 1,000,000 medication errors every year, with 7,000 i...

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