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Riddell Football Helmet in Serious Trouble

The sport of football in America is close to the hearts of many people. Whether they grew up playing the game or are a fan of a professional or college team, the passion for football in the states is second to none. Many people often forget about the danger associated

ODOT Worker Killed By Semi Truck North Of Columbus

A 27-year-old man was killed Monday in a construction zone accident involving a tractor trailer. The victim, an Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) employee from Mt. Gilead, was operating a backhoe aside Interstate 71 when a commercial truck left the road and barreled into his construction vehicle. The backhoe erupted

Overdoses Kill More In Ohio Than Auto Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are often cited as the top unnatural cause of death in the United States. In Ohio, drug overdoses are the top killer. According to Ohio Health Department’s Violence and Injury Prevention program, overdoses killed 1,765 Ohioans in 2011, where 1,105 died in traffic fatalities. The data reveals


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