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Family awarded over $9 million for wrongful death suit

Chicago residents might find the news of the award of over $9 million to a Meade County, Ky., family refreshing. The Lo...

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Ohio surgeon accused of fraud

Those in Franklin, Ohio, may be surprised to hear about a spine surgeon near Cincinnati who allegedly caused his patien...

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University of Iowa settles medical malpractice case for $60K

A medical malpractice lawsuit filed in 2009 has been settled after a doctors' group from the University of Iowa paid $6...

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Ohio surgeon arrested on fraud charges for unnecessary surgeries

The Federal Bureau of Investigations arrested a well-known Cincinnati, Ohio, spinal surgeon on July 22 on charges of Me...

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Couple sues over medical malpractice

This news may interest those in Franklin, as it involves St. Francis Hospital in Ohio. According to the report, a West ...

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Hospital errors including brain injuries lead to fines of $625K

Franklin, Ohio, residents might be interested in this report about hospital errors leading to major fines in California...

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Wrongful death suit reopened for third trial

Those in Franklin might be interested in this wrongful death case that is being reopened by order of a judge. The State...

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Midland family files lawsuit against hospital for negligence

Those in Franklin might be interested in hearing about this case involving a six-year-old girl who allegedly did not re...

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Railroad crossing where 4 died being modified

In Columbia Station, Ohio, a railroad crossing where four high school students died in a car accident is the scene of a...

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