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Botched kidney transplant leads to Ohio hospital being sued

Franklin residents might be interested in this case. Due to a medical error, a family involved in a botched kidney tran...

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Married couple killed in interstate highway crash

A car accident on U.S. 35 took the life of a married couple on July 20. Their vehicle was struck by a Chevrolet Equinox...

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Two accidents, one fatal, at same intersection

Two Ohio car accidents took place recently near the same intersection in Columbus. In the first accident in December, t...

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Intoxicated driver hits and kills 15-year-old boy

A 15-year-old boy and his 37-year-old mother, both of whom were fishing at a pond on a farm, were hit by a truck that v...

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Intoxicated pedestrians killed in more car accidents

The Ohio Department of Transportation recently released statistics that show over a one-third of all pedestrians killed...

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Two women dead after attempted liposuction surgeries

Franklin, Ohio, residents might be interested in this news report of a lawsuit against Opulence Aesthetic Medicine and ...

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Child suffers serious brain injury on cruise ship

All the family wanted was a nice vacation on a cruise ship. It turned into a nightmare, though, when a couple's 9-year-...

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Lawyers Challenge New Medical Malpractice Law

In Florida, five lawyers have recently filed separate lawsuits in state and federal courts in an effort to overturn a n...

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High school football player dies from spinal cord injury

A junior on a high school football team died when he suffered a fracture to a vertebrae, damaging his upper spinal cord...

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