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Brain Injuries: Complications Can Take Many Forms

Our last post discussed the surprisingly high rate of bike accident-related brain injuries. Bicyclists suffer more brai...

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Bike Accidents Cause More Brain Injuries Than Other Sports

Yes, according to research from the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, that statement is correct. Despite t...

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Erbs Palsy Case Finds Midwives Liable for Errors

Many medical malpractice cases focus on the mistakes made by doctors and nurses. In addition to the professionals we tr...

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Increase In Home Births Puts Focus On Risk And Midwives, Part 2

In light of the statistical trend towards more common home deliveries and the persistently higher risk associated with ...

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Doctor’s Orders: Inside Advice For Safe Care, Part 2

This is the second of a three-post series looking at some expert recommendations for patients on safely navigating Amer...

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Diagnosis Mistakes: Five Expert Tips For Patients

Based on recent reports, more medical malpractice claims involve diagnosis errors than any other category. Although doc...

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Monkey Attack

Monkeys have been named one of the smartest primates, behind humans. They can be seen in zoos, circuses and even as pet...

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More On Drowsy Driving: FDA Changes Ambien Warnings

One of our posts from last week dealt with new data that show the persistent dangers associated with drowsy driving. Fa...

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Poor Neurosurgery Outcomes: Malpractice Or Mere Misfortune?

Neurosurgeons are an elite group, featuring some of the most brilliant minds in the medical profession. They are brain ...

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