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A Simple Way For Doctors To Help Preemies’ Develop?

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issued an opinion with a surprisingly simple way to help raise the chances that premature babies will develop healthily. Based on a number of studies, the organization recommended waiting between 30 seconds and a minute before clamping an umbilical cord. After a premature

Another Study Shows High Rate Of Severe Surgical Mistakes

Hospitals use the term “never event” to refer to unacceptable surgical mistakes. “Never events” include mistakenly forgetting a surgical instrument inside a patient’s body (known as a “foreign retained object”), performing the wrong procedure, or operating on the wrong body part. These errors are simultaneously serious and completely preventable –

Placenta Accreta: With More C-Sections, More Risks

One of the big findings from the Centers for Disease Control’s new research on the sharp rise in delivery complications in the United States involves mothers who give birth via c-section. With more mothers either choosing or requiring c-sections, the chances of dangerous complications have increased dramatically. According to the


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