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Fungal Meningitis Update: New Risks For Victims

Authorities are linking the same steroids responsible for the fungal meningitis outbreak to a new outbreak of conditions. These conditions appear to affect meningitis victims and include epidural abscesses and arachnoiditis. As patients here in Ohio and around the country try to recover from an initial battle against fungal meningitis,

Family Sues Over Third Degree Burns On Infant’s Hand

Several months after hospital nurses inflicted severe third-degree burns on a 2-month-old baby girl’s hand, the girl’s parents are suing the hospital. According to the lawsuit, nurses mistakenly wrapped the baby’s hand around a piece of equipment while they attempted to start an IV. The equipment was hot enough to

Youth Sports And Brain Injuries: Some Facts For Parents

The evidence keeps piling up against sport-related brain injuries. While professional athletes have attracted much-needed attention to this issue by filing massive lawsuits against organizations like the NFL, brain injuries can just as easily affect young athletes. Ohio parents need to be aware of the risks of letting a child


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