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Overdoses Kill More In Ohio Than Auto Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are often cited as the top unnatural cause of death in the United States. In Ohio, drug overdos...

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Boy With Cerebral Palsy Walks For First Time After Botox Injections

Every medical treatment was unconventional at some point in time, so nontraditional treatment methods shouldn't necessa...

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Hypothermia Treatment Often Used To Treat Brain Damage At Birth

Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy is the medical term for oxygen deprivation. It only affects two infants out of 1,000 bi...

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Ohio Girls And Their Pregnant Mother Die In Red-Light Crash

A horrific accident recently took the lives of three people and an unborn child in Bedford, Ohio. A pregnant woman was ...

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FDA Examining Increase In Da Vinci Surgical Robot Errors

A robotic mechanism known as the da Vinci Surgical System is perhaps the hottest innovation in U.S. operating rooms. Th...

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FDA Suspends Pediatric Trial Of Common Drug

In a concerning development, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ended a clinical trial of a common calcium receptor ...

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Study: Severe Morning Sickness May Mean More Complications

According to a study of more than 1 million pregnant women, expecting mothers who experience severe morning sickness ar...

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Cerebral Palsy: Studies Begin Evaluating Cord Blood Treatment

A cerebral palsy diagnosis can be devastating for Ohio families. Cerebral palsy often means a lifetime of difficulty an...

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Brain Injury Awareness Month

March 2013 is Brain Injury Awareness Month. The Brain Injury Association of America is promoting this opportunity to re...

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