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Dirty Needles Sicken Thousands Of Americans Every Year

The medical profession started using disposable syringes several decades ago, recognizing that the risks of contaminati...

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Mother Wins £7.1 Million On Behalf Of Son With Cerebral Palsy, Pt.1

A British mother's recent multi-million pound victory against a large hospital is an inspirational example of how justi...

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Mother Wins £7.1 Million On Behalf Of Son With Cerebral Palsy, Pt.2

Our last post introduced the story of one British mother who recently won a 12-year battle on behalf of her son. She re...

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Textbook Malpractice: A Med Student’s Personal Perspective On Care

Medical mistakes can happen to anyone - even the families of doctors. One young doctor observed numerous errors while h...

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Dangerously Overworked: How Busy Is Your Doctor?

Like any other job, heavy workloads make it much easier for doctors to make serious mistakes. A recent survey asked doc...

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Parents Win Case Against Inexperienced Midwives

The parents of a Midwestern woman recently received a $100 million verdict in their wrongful death case against one mid...

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‘The Bachelor’ Draws Attention To An Unusual In-Utero Injury, Pt. 1

Millions of TV viewers in Ohio and around the nation tuned into an unusual twist on the current season of the hit show ...

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Retinopathy of Prematurity: Government Recognizes Severity

Premature births can cause a number of dangerous conditions. One of these risks is a condition known as retinopathy of ...

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Room for Improvement: Safety Initiative Cuts Birth Injury Rates

The first results of a two-year perinatal safety initiative shows that better hospital practices can sharply reduce man...

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