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Sepsis: Hospitals Finally Start Confronting A Hidden Killer

Sepsis has evaded hospital attention for far too long. Although it kills more people than breast cancer, strokes and lu...

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Fungal Meningitis Update: New Risks For Victims

Authorities are linking the same steroids responsible for the fungal meningitis outbreak to a new outbreak of condition...

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Severe Birth Complications Becoming More Common In The U.S.

Although serious childbirth complications are relatively uncommon in the United States, new research says that they inc...

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Beyond The Obstacles: Two Encouraging Cerebral Palsy Stories

A cerebral palsy diagnosis brings enormous and unexpected obstacles into the lives of parents and their children. When ...

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Breech Births: Early Water Breaks Place Infants At Greater Risk

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 5.5 percent of births are breech deliveries. In a b...

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Family Sues Over Third Degree Burns On Infant’s Hand

Several months after hospital nurses inflicted severe third-degree burns on a 2-month-old baby girl's hand, the girl's ...

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Super-Bugs: How Hospitals May Be Hastening A Long-Feared Problem

Many Americans have heard terrifying rumors of antibiotic-resistant "super bugs" - bacterial infections that can surviv...

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Study: Doctors Should Warn About Pregnancy Antidepressant Risks

New research is suggesting that doctors need to start explaining the risks of taking antidepressants during a pregnancy...

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Study: Reducing America’s Premature Births, Part 1

The United States may be one of the better places in the world in which to have a baby - but there is still a lot of ro...

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