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Erb’s palsy victim settles birth injury lawsuit

A thirteen-year-old girl recently settled a medical malpractice claim against the hospital where she was born. In 1999, she suffered Erb’s palsy during birth, leaving nerves in her shoulder severely damaged. The plaintifff alleged that the hospital and obstetrician’s negligence caused her permanent disabilities. The hospital contends that its staff

Mother files lawsuit for baby’s brain damage caused by hypoxia

Blake Hutchins suffers daily from developmental problems. The 3-year-old’s speech and cognitive function lag behind that of normal children, but his mother only recently learned that his impairments are attributed to medical malpractice committed by the hospital. You might imagine the horrified surprise that washed over Sarah Hutchins, 37, when

Midwives agree to $5M settlement of wrongful death lawsuit

In June 2008, a young couple arrived at a birthing center ready for the delivery of their baby. Birthing complications arose that necessitated swift and competent action to preserve the health of the infant. Unbelievably, the two midwives overseeing the delivery were not only ill-equipped to handle the complications; they

Cincinnati, Hamilton counties have alarming infant mortality rates

Cincinnati and Hamilton counties have infant mortality rates nearly double the national average. The shocking numbers were recently disclosed by the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, sparking both concern and embarrassment among health officials in southern Ohio and northern Kentucky. Local nonprofits that support pregnant women – such as the Women and


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