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Youth Sports And Brain Injuries: Some Facts For Parents

The evidence keeps piling up against sport-related brain injuries. While professional athletes have attracted much-need...

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Hidden Dangers: With Better Technology, New Hospital Risks

Generally, hospital patients are probably safer now than they were 100 years ago. As technological improvements found t...

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Premature Births Report Card: Ohio Barely Passing With "C" Grade

To help raise awareness on World Prematurity Day on November 17, the March of Dimes released its 2012 Report Card. The ...

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Study: Five Steps to Reduce America’s Premature Births, Part 2

Our last post introduced a two-part series on recent research that pointed to five ways to reduce the rate of premature...

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Cerebral Palsy And Long-Term Care: Another Nurse Convicted

In another development in the tragic case of Ohio cerebral palsy caretakers, a third nurse has pleaded guilty to charge...

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Fungal Meningitis: Officials Report Sterility Lapses

The fungal meningitis outbreak continued this week as the number of reported cases rose to more than 300, including som...

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$5 Million Jury Verdict In Wrongful Amputation Case

Emergency room negligence resulted in two unnecessary amputations after hospital staff failed to properly diagnose a pa...

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New Study Points To Another Risk Of Hypertension: Lower IQ’s

Hypertension is a leading contributing factor for many pregnancy complications and birthing injuries, including preecla...

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Study Suggests C-Sections Might Slow Newborn Brain Development

C-sections have become increasingly common for American mothers. While c-sections accounted for only 5.5 percent of all...

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