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Update: More Details On Ohio Kidney Transplant Disposal Mistake

"Where is the kidney?" According to new information from the University of Toledo Medical Center, this is what the oper...

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Mother Dies After C-Section, Family Sues For Wrongful Death

For one family, a worst case scenario became a tragic reality in 2010. After giving birth to a healthy baby boy, the mo...

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Doctor Warns That Common Preterm Delivery Drug Might Not Help

New research suggests that a common drug used to delay preterm births might not offer any real benefits for newborns. B...

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New Cerebral Palsy Center Targets Adult Patients’ Lifelong Needs

In an indication of improving awareness of cerebral palsy disorders, Colombia University Medical Center unveiled a new ...

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Common Drug Can Cause Brain Injuries By Speeding Contractions

Last week we discussed how medical staff sometimes rely on a drug to delay contractions-despite concerns regarding unkn...

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Study: Mothers Who Start Snoring While Pregnant May Be At Risk

A study from the University of Michigan concluded that women who begin snoring during a pregnancy may be at higher risk...

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"Slip Of The Pen" Causes Wrong Surgery For 2-Year-Old Girl

In a case that will resonate with concerned Ohio parents, an Irish surgeon delegated a procedure and simultaneously mad...

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Nurse Complaints Show Some Self-Reporting Of Hospital Dangers

Despite the serious consequences of medical mistakes, they continue to occur with alarming frequency. Yet another news ...

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New Study Finds Traffic Pollution Increases Pre-Eclampsia Risk

Australian researchers announced the results of a new study this week, concluding that exposure to traffic pollution ca...

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