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Study: Medical Device May Save Some Babies From Birth Injuries

Infants suffer birth injuries far too often, even in places like Ohio - where mothers and babies enjoy an ove...

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Ex-NFL Players’ Suicides Fuel Debate On Football Brain Injuries

This morning, football fans awoke to the shocking news that former National Football League star Junior Seau had died i...

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Pregnant Woman Facing A Lifetime Of Pain For ‘Miracle Baby’

Debbie Mills, 23, was told she would never be able to get pregnant after being diagnosed with complex regional pain syn...

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Study: Diabetes Drug Has Potential Value For Treating TBI

New research shows that a drug approved for the treatment of diabetes may be valuable to victims of traumatic brain inj...

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Wheelchair-Bound Girl Awarded $17.5 Million For Birth Injuries

An 11-year-old girl has finally secured compensation for the birth injuries she suffered in March, 2001. The award sign...

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New Medical Study Reveals Potential Indicator Of Pre-Eclampsia

A team of Australian scientists recently made an important discovery regarding the pregnancy-related disease pre-eclamp...

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Concussions 101: Understanding The Trauma-Induced Brain Injury

Most concussion-related discussions seem to center on the National Football League (NFL). Somehow, most people overlook...

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Man Overcomes Cerebral Palsy; Teams Up With Father In Triathlons

Johnny Agar always wanted to be an athlete. As the son of a former Detroit Tigers prospect, Agar has always been drawn ...

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Jury: Misread Ultrasound Resulted In Baby’s Cerebral Palsy

In August 2008, a woman visited the hospital because of pregnancy complications. An obstetrician performed an ultrasoun...

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