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Man Running In Mini-Marathon Despite Cerebral Palsy

Brian Heyburn got a rough start to life. A doctor improperly administered an epidural during his C-section birth. The s...

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Man’s Success Demonstrates Value Of Cerebral Palsy Resources

As a youngster, Demetrio McNeil was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. McNeil uses a walker and wheelchair to move around, ...

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Woman Shares Trouble-Ridden Birth Story On The Internet

One usually only hears about a birthing injury if it involves someone close to you or if the victim's family files a bi...

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Parties agree to $8M for fatal IV dosage error on infant patient

In 2010, an infant boy was born about four months premature. Much to the joy of the baby's parents, the hospital staff ...

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Spanish-speaking patients often experience inferior medical care

A recent study revealed that emergency room errors are twice as likely to occur when the patient doesn't speak English....

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Doctor-Patient Communication Impacts Health

A recent study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine that Ohio residents may be interested in examined how doctor...

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Nursing error results in inadvertent amputation of baby’s finger

Veronica Olguin just wished she would awake from her nightmare, but, sadly, she wasn't dreaming. The mother watched in ...

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Stroke victim recovers nearly $4M in medical malpractice lawsuit

After hearing a medical malpractice victim's sad story, a jury decided to award the woman $3.9 million in damages. Whil...

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Doctors must weigh risks for antidepressant use in pregnancy: Part 1

Reports suggest that at least six percent of pregnant women are taking antidepressants, and antidepressants have been s...

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