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Panel finds link between C8 exposure and pre-eclampsia: Part 2

As discussed in the previous post, a scientific panel that was assembled as part of a 2005 class-action lawsu...

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What is preeclampsia?: Part 1

The previous two birth injury blog posts discussed how a scientific panel studying the effects of a chemical used in ma...

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Panel finds link between chemical exposure and preeclampsia: Part 1

As part of a class action settlement involving the release of a chemical used by DuPont into Wood County, West Virginia...

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What is preeclampsia?: Part 2

This blog recently discussed how a scientific panel concluded that there is a probable link between exposure to a chemi...

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Jury finds for family in shoulder dystocia birth injury case

A jury recently found in favor of the parents of a little girl whose arm was permanently disabled due to complications ...

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Dangers of distracted doctoring: Part 1

As more technological devices are used in hospitals, the level of patient care may go up in some cases, but in others m...

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Doctor database reopens but with restrictions for journalists: Part 2

As discussed in the previous post, the Health Resources and Services Administration in September took down a database w...

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Settlement reached for toddler’s amputations in medical malpractice case

A recent medical malpractice settlement involved a little girl who was born healthy, but as a toddler was a victim of m...

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Erb’s palsy, a preventable birth injury: Part 1

A recent column in The Holland Sentinel discussed brachial plexus injuries and how they can be preventable. The author ...

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