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What can happen when a birth is hijacked by medical staff

Many pregnant women take Lamaze classes because they would prefer to forgo an epidural or other intervention which may ...

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U.S. ranks worse than many other countries for infant mortality

In the United States there has historically been a sense that our health care system was one of the best in the world. ...

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Parents allege that surgeon’s delay cost life of newborn

In the first hours and days after a baby is born a wide variety of medical complications can put the infant's health at...

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Doctor alleged to have accidentally removed healthy ovary

When a 31-year-old woman was told by her doctor that she had a mass on her left ovary that appeared to be a cyst, she w...

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Jury says physician’s assistant’s negligence caused mother’s death

A jury in a medical malpractice case has determined that the failure of a physician’s assistant to appreciate the sever...

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Settlement reached in birth injury matter that caused brain damage

Every parent knows that having and raising children can be an expensive proposition. Now that summer vacations and camp...

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Delayed C-section results in reprimand for obstetrician

When a doctor realizes that a fetus in distress during childbirth, time is of the essence. Depriving oxygen to the brai...

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Jehovah’s Witness claims blood transfusion is medical malpractice

Many parents have strong values regarding childbirth, from not wanting anesthesia to foregoing potentially harmful vacc...

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Newborn’s death blamed on vacuum extraction procedure

Labor and childbirth contain many risks for both the mother and the newborn infant. Doctors are trained to help mitigat...

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