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Ohio doctor says premature babies are average by teens

We have been told for years that the more premature the baby, the greater the risk he or she will have long-term health...

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The dangers of inducing labor too early

As we have discussed in earlier posts, there is a growing trend toward deliberately delivering infants before they are ...

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High rates of strokes for new and soon-to-be moms

New research indicates that in the last 12 years the rate of strokes among pregnant women and those who have just given...

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Misreading ultrasound results lead to unnecessary interventions

During the last few weeks of pregnancy, doctors sometimes use ultrasounds to attempt to determine the likely birth weig...

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Congress considers program to address premature birthrates

During every birth, it is critically important that the doctors and medical staff are well trained and deliver the best...

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Family says c-section error led to mother’s death

The family of a 31-year-old woman who died shortly after giving birth asserts that a negligent doctor caused the injuri...

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Court allows wrongful birth case to proceed

Many potential birth defects and serious genetic disorders can now be diagnosed relatively soon after conception. In th...

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Family says vacuum procedure caused birth injury

The family of an eleven-year-old boy has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital and doctors involved ...

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Study suggests link between birth injury and autism

Medical research continues to search for the underlying cause or causes of autism. While prior examination had focused ...

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