Cerebral Palsy: Studies Begin Evaluating Cord Blood Treatment

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A cerebral palsy diagnosis can be devastating for Ohio families. Cerebral palsy often means a lifetime of difficulty and frustration for both children and their parents. Everyday movements that many Americans take for granted can be difficult or even impossible for children with cerebral palsy. On top of the emotional toll, care costs can quickly pile up and jeopardize a family’s financial wellbeing.

One new study may hold big promises for the future. Cerebral palsy patients around the country are beginning to receive trial treatments with cord blood. Described by many as “groundbreaking,” the study hopes that cord blood will help the brain regenerate some of the areas that suffered damage in the uterus or during delivery. This could restore damaged functions like mobility and speech capacity – vastly improving the lives of many patients.

Another reason for optimism is that these new trials are taking place under the FDA’s supervision. If the trial patients see significant benefits, similar treatments might become the future of cerebral palsy.

In the meantime, cerebral palsy remains a frustrating and painful condition for many Ohioans. Planning to provide for a future of care can be a daunting prospect. However, when a doctor’s negligent mistake caused a problem during delivery, he or she may be liable. A Columbus medical malpractice lawyer can help families explore their legal options after a diagnosis.

Source: CW50, “Metro Detroit Boy Undergoes Groundbreaking FDA Stem Cell Trial For Cerebral Palsy,” Kathryn Larson, Mar. 5, 2013


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