Cerebral Palsy Study Explores Value Of Cord Blood Treatment

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A new medical study is examining the impact of cord blood upon young children with cerebral palsy. The clinical trial involves children with a spastic form of cerebral palsy between the ages of one and six who have preserved their infant cord blood.

The scientists will intravenously infuse the children with their own umbilical cord blood, hoping to improve their cerebral palsy symptoms and outlook. If the clinical trials are successful, the scientists hope to conduct further studies on whether cord blood can not only treat, but prevent cerebral palsy when administered to newborn infants. Researchers at Duke University Medical Center are looking for trial participants.

It’s wonderful to see doctors exploring new cerebral palsy treatment options. While modern technology has improved the quality of life for children with cerebral palsy, decreasing and eliminating the muscular symptoms are the ultimate goals.

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Source: wftv.com, “Cord Blood Reversing Cerebral Palsy: Medicine’s Next Big Thing?” June 28, 2012


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