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Child dies from appendicitis, brain injury while on vacation


Accidents happen and sometimes injuries result. However, when a hospital visit for appendicitis gives a 6-year-old girl a fatal brain injury, negligence is one of the words commonly used. Ohio readers may have heard of this shocking story that begins in the Dominican Republic. The family was on vacation when the daughter contracted appendicitis that required surgery. While the family insurance policy reportedly allowed a medical jet to take her back to the US, the insurer initially refused to provide one, according to the lawsuit.

The Dec. 31 report claims that the result was that the child was treated in a local hospital that was approved by the insurer, but that hospital may not have been up to standard. The child rapidly got worse, and she was apparently given far too much anesthetic and the wrong size of tube for intubation. The insurance company then approved a medical jet, but it took far longer to arrive than it was supposed to.

Unfortunately, brain damage due to oxygen deprivation had already occurred, according to the lawsuit, and it was discovered by the Miami hospital. The child later went into seizures and died. The family is suing the insurer for gross negligence.

When a loved one gets ill abroad, the standard of hospital care is sometimes in question. This is why some people prefer to pay extra for a medical jet in the event of an emergency. However, when delays happen that can be shown to have caused injury, the negligent party can be brought to justice for the pain and anguish caused.

Source:  ABC News, “Texas Mom Sues After Insurance Denies Claim and Daughter Dies of Appendicitis” Susan Donaldson James, Dec. 31, 2013

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