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Collect appropriate information after a car accident


Getting into a car accident can shake you up so much that you don’t really know how to handle the situation. Learning about how to deal with a car accident before you are in one can often help you feel better prepared when you are involved in one. It is imperative that you remember some basic points to help you preserve your right to seek compensation if you opt to do so after the accident.

The first thing that you must do is to remain at the scene of the accident and contact police officers. While you are waiting on the officer to make it to the scene, you will need to determine if you or anyone else in the accident is injured. If there are any injuries, let the emergency services dispatcher know that you need medics to come to the scene.

Another thing that you must do if you are involved in an accident is to gather information from other drivers, occupants and witnesses. At a minimum, you need to collect the name, address, phone number, license plate number, drivers’ license number and insurance information for all drivers who were in the accident.

While you should provide basic information, don’t give out more than necessary. Additionally, don’t say anything that might be considered an admission of causing the accident.

Remember that what you say and do after the accident can affect your compensation claims. You should make sure that you get the medical care you need. From the accident through the conclusion of your claim for compensation, make sure that you keep records of anything pertaining to your claim or the accident.

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