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College students and females have longer concussion recovery time

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People who suffer from a concussion need time to recover from the injury. For some college students, recovering from a concussion isn’t something that can necessarily be done, according to information presented at the Association of Academic Physiatrists Annual Meeting.

The issue with college students is that they don’t have much downtime for recovery. They can’t just take the time they need to recuperate from a concussion because of the duties school. College students have a tight schedule for classes, projects and similar aspects of school.

On average, a person who suffers a concussion needs seven to 14 days to recover. During this time, reading, thinking, looking at a computer, watching television and being active should be done on a limited basis to help the person to rest the brain so it can heal.

Graduate students took much longer than undergraduates to heal from a concussion. The graduate students had around 31 days of recover, but the undergraduates had only around 16 days of recovery.

The study upon which the presentation was based also found that female athletes take longer than male athletes to recover from a concussion. The male subjects in the study took around 21 days to heal, while men took around 15 days to heal.

Finding the fine line between staying on track with school and allowing yourself to heal from the concussion can be difficult. You likely don’t want either one of those to suffer. In some cases, the effects of a concussion are too serious to ignore and you might have to make life-altering plans. In these cases, seeking compensation might help you to support yourself despite the effects of the concussion.

Source: News Medical, “College students take more time to recover from concussion, study shows,” Feb. 06, 2017

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