Common reasons Ohio motorcycle accidents happen

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Riding a motorcycle through the beautiful vistas of Ohio is a favorite pastime for many residents. However, a simple Sunday afternoon ride can take a tragic turn if a motorcycle accident should occur. Even the most experienced motorcyclist cannot always anticipate where danger lurks and the consequences of a collision can impact his or her life forever. Some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries include:

— Broken bones

— Traumatic brain injuries

— Paralysis injuries

— Severe road rash

— Death

Motorcycle accidents occur due to a host of circumstances. Some of these are truly accidents and may not have been preventable. Others, however, are caused by the negligence of recklessness of other motor vehicle operators. Given the small size and reduced footprint of a motorcycle, other drivers do not always see them even though they have a duty to watch out for other vehicles. Here are some of the reasons a collision between a motorcycle and another vehicle might occur:

— Left turns at intersections: This alone is one of the top causes of motorcycle accidents. If the driver of a car, truck or other auto fails to see you and turns left in front of you, a collision will likely occur.

— Lane changing in front of you: Perhaps the other driver failed to look or just was not paying attention, but if he or she suddenly switches lanes in your path, a serious motorcycle accident could occur.

— Struck from behind: Being struck from behind is always a danger for motorcyclists and this potentially fatal type of accident can occur in a variety of traffic situations.

Remaining watchful and trying to anticipate the actions of other motorists is crucial in avoiding a motorcycle accident. However, if you do become injured through no fault of your own, an Ohio lawyer can help you learn more about filing a personal injury lawsuit.

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