Couple sues over medical malpractice

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This news may interest those in Franklin, as it involves St. Francis Hospital in Ohio. According to the report, a West Virginian couple is suing a physician at the hospital for alleged medical malpractice related to a failure to diagnose a potentially damaging abscess pressing on the patient’s spinal cord. The patient claims to have permanent paralysis due to this misdiagnosis and is seeking compensation.

On July 30, 2011, the patient entered the hospital and remained under the defendant’s care, according to the complaint. While under the doctor’s care, the couple claims that the doctor was unable to properly diagnose and treat an epidural abscess that was pressing against the man’s spinal cord.

Because proper treatment allegedly wasn’t given at the time the man went to the hospital, the man sustained permanent injuries, mental and physical pain, including suffering from permanent paralysis, according to the report. In the suit, the couple claimed that the doctor has a duty to provide proper care for the injuries the man was suffering from. The suit claims that he should have received care that would be equal to care provided by another hospital in similar circumstances, and the couple believes that care was not given.

According to the couple, the defendant’s breach of duty resulted in the direct loss of income and the patient’s pain and suffering. The plaintifff is seeking compensatory damages with pre- and post-judgment interest, according to the article.

Pain and injuries caused by neglectful medical errors and misdiagnoses can change your life, and knowing what to do when you’ve been treated incorrectly is important. Patients have legal rights that protect them from medical malpractice, so if you, or someone you know, are in a similar situation, be sure to understand your legal right to representation.

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