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Deadly overpass collapse kills 1 on Interstate 75 in Ohio


When you are driving on the roadways, you expect that the overpasses and bridges you come across are safe. You likely don’t think twice before you drive under or over one of those structures. That seemingly normal and safe event can easily turn deadly if there is something amiss with the structure. An accident in Cincinnati, Ohio, showed just how horrible an issue with this type of structure can be.

The accident occurred along the southbound side of Interstate 75. The overpass that is on the north side of the old Hopple Street bridge collapsed. Sadly, one person was killed and another was injured in the collapse. The injured person was a semi-truck driver. The person who was killed was a construction worker.

The southbound side of the interstate is closed because of the collapse, which happened at around 10:30 on the night of Jan. 19.

It is hard to imagine an overpass along Interstate 75 collapsing. The horror the construction worker and trucker must have felt when the accident happened isn’t imaginable. For the family of the construction worker, the news that their loved one died in such a horrific way likely wasn’t easy to cope with either.

When tragedy strikes, the need to do something to make things right for our loved ones is often a consuming thought. For some, that need is met by seeking compensation from the at-fault party. Knowing which parties to hold liable in these instances is the first step. From there, filing the claims for compensation and going through the Ohio legal system are necessary.

Source:, “Report: 1 dead, 1 injured in overpass collapse in Cincinnati” Jan. 19, 2015

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