Details Slowly Emerge After Ohio Crash That Killed 6 Teens

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On March 10, a horrific accident rocked the community of Warren, Ohio. The crash left six teens dead and two more injured, but it also left the community of 41,000 wondering how such a tragedy could happen. Those details are now emerging, and they are enough to drive fear into the hearts of parents everywhere.

A group of eight friends, ranging from 14 to 19, were seeking good times together. Most of the kids had a sleepover the night before but they weren’t ready to let the fun end. The seven teen boys piled into a vehicle driven by a 19-year-old woman, Alexis Cayson, and they drove around the Warren area.

Cayson was driving a Honda Passport she took without the owner’s permission – who later reported the vehicle stolen. She did not have a valid license, nor did she ensure that any of the eight occupants in the six-seat vehicle were using seat belts. Then, according to the two survivors, she began “swerving, driving crazy, lost control and flipped.”

Cayson drove much too fast on a stretch of road known as Dead Man’s Curve, before striking a guardrail. The vehicle rolled over and came to rest upside-down in a pond. The coroner’s report indicates that three of the six victims died from drowning after initially surviving the crash.

Because Cayson was one of the six who died, the grieving people of Warren may never get all the answers as to why this fatal crash occurred. Young people across Ohio should not let these young victims die in vain; however, their tragic deaths should remind us that good kids can lose everything in the blink of an eye. All it takes is one bad decision by an inexperienced driver.

Our thoughts are with the friends and families of the eight teens involved.

Source: Centre Daily Times, “Report Says Driver In Ohio Crash Had No License,” Jesse Washington, March 11, 2013


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