Difficulty communicating can be caused by a brain injury

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The effects of a brain injury can be considerable, especially when the brain injury is a traumatic brain injury or a severe injury. One of the impacts that a TBI can have on a person’s life is that it can make communication difficult. In some cases, a brain injury might affect the way a person speaks. It can also affect their comprehension abilities.

The ability to communicate effectively has several aspects that can be affected by a TBI. Coming up with the right words can often be difficult. In some cases, that can lead to rambling or being unable to say the words to convey a need or thought. The brain injury can also cause trouble with non-verbal communication skills, so that can increase the frustration for the person.

There are some options that family members and friends have to make communicating a little easier. Using a gentle tone without talking down to their loved one might help. Speaking slowly and being willing to explain things when necessary can help. Coming up with easy non-verbal ways of communicating might also help.

In some instances, a speech therapist can help the person to re-learn verbal skills. This can take a considerable amount of time. When you add in that cost to the other costs of the brain injury, the financial impact can be great.

Some people might choose to seek compensation if the brain injury was caused by an event, such as a car accident, that was caused by another person’s negligent actions. Learning how to seek compensation can help you to decide if that is an option you want to pursue.

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