Doctor says health care system in need of reform for better patient care

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A recent article appearing online in CNN Health was written by a doctor who believes there are serious flaws in the American medical system that lead to doctors doing harm when they mean to do good.

The doctor points out that Americans pay more than all other countries per person for health care, but the life expectancy in America is ranked 50th in the world. For infant mortality, America is ranked 47th in the world.  How can it be that America is so far behind?

The doctor has written a book about the subject. He says that he believes many doctors in the U.S. reject the scientific method and order treatments that they believe might work, but have actually not been proven to work.

Some of these treatments are very expensive and actually harm the patient more than help them. He believes that some of these expensive treatments are simply illogical and inappropriate and are sometimes driven by the profit that can be made from them.

The doctor believes more must be done to transform the health care system in the U.S. so that everyone has access to high quality care and so that the system focuses more on preventative care and well-being and less on treating chronic diseases after they take hold.

Source: CNN, “How doctors do harm,” Otis Brawley, Jan. 30, 2012


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