Family awarded over $9 million for wrongful death suit

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Chicago residents might find the news of the award of over $9 million to a Meade County, Ky., family refreshing. The Louisville jury ordered University Hospital to pay the award after determining that a medical error had been the cause of a woman’s death.

In July 2003, a 40-year-old mother of two and wife underwent a routine rectal surgery at the University of Louisville Hospital. According to court documents, the woman had a history of bleeding problems before she went into surgery, but the doctors allegedly didn’t account for them. The documents allegedly didn’t show what blood would be needed or when it would be needed. Evidence used in the court showed that the doctors had called for blood work multiple times and that at the time of the surgery, doctors were believed to have been heard screaming “Get me the blood!” while the woman was bleeding heavily in the operating room.

According to the case, the woman came out of the surgery in a coma. She also had severe brain damage that was diagnosed approximately three months after the surgery. According to the reports, the family had to choose to let her go.

During the trial, the hospital was allegedly claiming that the doctors were responsible for ordering the blood earlier, but doctors claimed the blood was delayed when they needed it for the woman. The jury ruled that the hospital was responsible for what it believed was medical negligence.

The loss of a loved one is always a sorrowful time, and it can be particularly shocking when it’s a case like this. The woman’s operation should have been a routine procedure, and with the right blood and information available, she may not have suffered the outcome she did. If you or a loved one have suffered from medical malpractice or negligence, be sure to understand your legal rights. You may have a right to compensation to cover your pain and suffering, time off work, medical bills, or other benefits.

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