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Family says c-section error led to mother’s death


The family of a 31-year-old woman who died shortly after giving birth asserts that a negligent doctor caused the injuries which caused the death of the mother. According to the family the doctor severed her bowel while performing a c-section and then the doctor and the rest of the medical staff ignored her symptoms and complaints.

After their son was born in s c-section delivery the mother remained hospitalized. During that time she complained of being nauseas, severe abdominal pains, and not having a bowel movement for a number of days. Despite these complaints no additional diagnosis or even tests were provided before she was released from the hospital.

The day after she was released the symptoms required her to be readmitted to the hospital. At that point the mother was placed in the intensive care unit. The hospital had finally performed laboratory tests which showed that her kidneys were shutting down.

Apparently at that point serious infection had already spread through her body and she was suffering from intra-abdominal sepsis. The medical staff decided that she needed to be transferred to another hospital with more specialized services available.

Despite this decision the suit claims that an excessive amount of time passed before arrangement for her transportation were available. Just over an hour after the transport team arrived she passed away.

This is a tragedy in which a single surgical mistake by the doctor went unaddressed during the window of time in which it could have been remedied. If either the doctor had not accidentally severed her bowel, or if the doctor and the hospital had investigated the woman’s symptoms sooner, she would likely still be alive and with her family today.

Source: The Mount Airy News “Suit claims doctor, Elkin hospital at fault in death” July 15, 2011

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