Family wins $15 million medical error judgment

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A court recently awarded $15.2 million in damages to the family of a girl who was severely injured and effectively rendered incapable of caring for herself after a doctor failed to warn her against an over-the-counter nasal spray that would likely have disastrous consequences for the young girl, who had received a heart transplant and suffered from a greatly weakened immune system.

Although this case occurred in another state, hundreds of Ohio families suffer due to medical malpractice and medication errors that injure or even kill their children. Such families may be able to recover damages compensating them for the medical expenses and the pain caused by such negligence by filing a lawsuit with the help of a qualified attorney.

The girl was born in 2004 with a serious heart defect, requiring her to undergo a heart transplant at a very young age. However, her health had dramatically improved by her fourth birthday; her mother said she had almost caught up to other children her age, though she still required special attention due to an immune system weakened by drugs designed to ensure her body would continue accepting the transplant. When the girl caught a cold, her mother called a hospital to ensure that she was safe.

A doctor who returned the woman’s call eventually consulted with a cardiologist who was familiar with the girl’s case. The cardiologist reportedly informed the doctor not to recommend a specific type of nasal spray, but the doctor failed to forward those instructions to the mother, telling her the spray would be safe to use.

The mother then purchased and administered the spray, which effectively closed off the girl’s airways and sent her into cardiac arrest. By the time medical workers inserted a respiratory tube and restored the girl’s heart functioning, she had suffered severe brain damage that medical experts say will leave her requiring 24-hour nursing for the remainder of her life. She is unable to swallow, walk or speak on her own.


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