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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

gordon evans.jpgThe aforementioned quote by Benjamin Franklin is a saying that Gordon Evans of The Donahey Law Firm takes to heart. In legal field or on the football field, preparation separates the good from the great. As a former athlete, Mr. Evans finds a strong connection between the competitiveness and preparation in sports and law.

Evans was a 4-year starter at middle linebacker for Kentucky Wesleyan College in Owensboro, Ky., and then went on to Capital University for law school. Following his football career, Evans took up the sport of boxing and competed nationally at amateur tournaments. He won his first national tournament in 2010 at The Ringside Tournament in Kansas City, which is the largest amateur boxing tournament in the country. Evans said that his time as an athlete really inspired him to take his competitive spirit to the courtroom. 

“Those of us who didn’t have the ability to continue our athletic career at the professional level, still love that competition [and] head-to-head mentality,” Evans said. “You know the ‘me vs. you’ preparation and using that preparation to come out victorious. So, I think that transfers very well over to litigation, especially trial work.”

Though any former-athlete could be a great fit as a lawyer, Evans claimed that there’s a big difference in the mentality of a litigator and a trial lawyer.

“I’m definitely a trial lawyer and that’s where that football mentality, that boxer mentality, the ‘me vs. you,’ the competitiveness, the willingness to put in the time,” Evans said. “The effort and practice to be successful on Saturday afternoon or in a boxing ring is no different than putting in the time and effort to be successful in the courtroom. I don’t like to lose on the field, in the ring, and sure don’t like to lose in the courtroom.”

Another crucial aspect of the athlete’s mindset that translates to the courtroom is the preparation. Since he was a kid, “you play how you practice” has been a motto that Evans has taken from the field to the ring and the courtroom.

“That’s drilled into our heads at a very young age as an athlete, so there’s no such thing as luck. Luck is where opportunity meets preparation. So, you make your own luck,” Evans said. “You make it by being prepared for when that opportunity shows up. So, you [have to] put the time and the work in on the practice field, you put it in the ring, and you’ll reap the rewards. But, it’s the same thing. You [have to] be able to work these cases up from the very beginning.”

Nowadays, outside of the courtroom, Evans is also father. He hopes that his lawyer skills can be passed down to his son one day.

“I can definitely tell already with my 3 ½ -year-old that he’s learning negotiation skills from his father,” Evans said. “He definitely shoots high on his negotiation skills hoping to land somewhere in the middle, so he definitely under promises and over delivers with his old man already!”

Gordon represents clients who have been seriously injured or killed as a result of medical malpractice, industrial accidents, birth trauma, and vehicle accidents. He has served as first chair trial counsel in countless cases, obtaining millions of dollars for his clients. Read more about Evans and his experience HERE.


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