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Hospital death being investigated for odd circumstances

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Ohioans familiar with medical procedures and emergency room tactics know that medical errors are not supposed to be common. Most emergency room doctors and staff members are competent and wouldn’t let anything serious go wrong with a patient. But, some do make mistakes, and these can be serious. In fact, this article from Nov. 05 claims that one mistake made by a hospital could be the reason a man is now dead.

The report states that the family of the man who passed away is now asking questions about what happened in the emergency room to cause the 57-year-old’s sudden death. According to the man’s wife, she called 911 because of her husband having severe pain in his stomach. They arrived at Denton Regional Medical Center, and records show that the hospital did take a CT scan that confirmed a potential obstruction in the man’s body. However, the doctor who reviewed the scan allegedly said it wasn’t conclusive, didn’t merit an emergency and would see the man in the morning.

Because the man was in pain, it was alleged that the nurse on call injected the man with morphine; the problem lies in the alleged fact that she gave the man 24 mg of morphine within one hour and 35 minutes, while the safe doe is 4 to 15 mg every three to four hours. The report also claims that morphine is known to make problems like constipation worse. According to the autopsy, the man died from natural causes. The man in charge of the autopsy claimed that the hospital had actually missed the diagnosis that led to the man’s death.

This case is ongoing, but if you’ve been injured by doctors or medical errors, it’s okay to seek help. You might be able to claim compensation for medical needs now or in the future due to the lack of care.

Source:  My Fox DWF, “Investigation: Hospital Death” Becky Oliver, Nov. 05, 2013

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