Hospital Study: Brain Injured Minority Children Treated Differently

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Numerous medical studies have concluded that minority patients receive substandard medical treatment compared to Caucasians. Sadly, a new study shows that the racial discrimination of patients extends to young children who have suffered head injuries.

The medical study, published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, concluded that minority children who suffer head injuries are less likely to receive cranial computed tomography (CT). The research found that African-American and Latino children who suffer head trauma that puts them at intermediate or lower risk of serious brain injury are significantly less likely to receive a doctor-ordered CT scan that white children.

The brain injury research is significant for many Ohio children, whose skin color should bear no consideration in their medical treatment. While the study’s data is disheartening, it provides parents of minority children with awareness that their child may receive disparate treatment. This knowledge can prompt parents to urge doctors to be thorough, and request CT testing after their child sustains a clinically significant head injury.

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Source: Doctors Lounge, “Racial Disparity In CT Use For Children With Head Trauma,” Aug. 8, 2012


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