Hospital Transplants Kidney Into Wrong Patient, Program Suspended

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Unbelievably, a hospital turned an urban myth into reality when it transplanted a kidney into the incorrect patient. Perhaps wisely, the Methodist Dallas Medical Center isn’t disclosing many details on how it committed this monumental mistake, other than to say that it was caused by a “human error.”

Hopefully, hospital officials can provide a better answer to the patient who wrongfully received the kidney – and to the donee who didn’t receive the vital organ. Fortunately, the patient’s body accepted the donor kidney and he or she is in good health – at least at the moment. This isn’t a surgical error that should ever happen in the United States. The Dallas hospital has since suspended its transplant program, but this catastrophic mess-up isn’t an isolated mistake.

Wrongful transplants are “rare but not unheard of,” explained Joe Newman of the United Network for Organ Sharing.

We’re all human beings and people make mistakes, but hospitals should have a system in place that double-checks every step of the transplant process. Transplant mistakes can easily turn fatal, so it’s important to have a process that will catch errors before they can harm a patient.

If you or a loved one has wrongly suffered harm during an organ transplant, contact a skilled Ohio hospital errors lawyer to discuss your remedies.

Source: Dallas Observer, “Methodist Hospital Puts Kidney In Wrong Patient, Suspends Transplant Program,” Eric Nicholson, July 5, 2012




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