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How can truckers drive safely in traffic?


Truck drivers often find themselves on the highway, never having to worry about traffic. Of course, this isn’t the case all the time. There are situations in which truckers need to go into a city. Along with this, there are times when traffic backs up on the highway.

Truckers can do many things to drive safely in traffic, including but not limited to:

— Remaining in the same lane. Those who jump from one lane to the next, trying to make up time, often cause an accident.

— Stay aware of others on the road. There are many vehicles in close proximity, so it’s important that everyone be respectful and share the road. Nobody wants to get stuck in traffic, but this happens.

— Remain alert. Just because you aren’t moving at a high rate of speed doesn’t mean you can ignore what’s happening on the road. Everybody, truckers included, need to remain alert at all times.

As a passenger vehicle driver, you realize that trucks are everywhere. They are flying by you on the highway and pulling up close to you in the city.

Although you can also do things to avoid an accident, you never know if a trucker will make a mistake that puts you in harm’s way.

If your vehicle is struck by a truck, don’t wait to contact the authorities. You want police to write up a report. You also want to be treated for any injuries. Even if you think you are okay, make sure you visit the hospital for an examination. You never know if you were injured until you are checked over.

Source: Independent Traveler, “Top 20 Safe Driving Tips,” accessed June 29, 2016

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