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How can truckers use a mobile phone and obey the law?


It goes without saying that truck drivers should not use a mobile phone while they are behind the wheel. Doing so increases the risk of an accident, thus putting everyone on the road in a dangerous position.

There are laws in place to protect against this. For example, if a commercial vehicle driver is caught texting and driving it could lead to a penalty of up to $2,750. Along with this, the person could be reprimanded by his or her company.

There are ways that truckers can use a mobile phone while driving but still obey the law. This includes:

— Utilize an earpiece or the speaker function so that the phone does not have to be held.

— Use one button touch features or voice activated features to make and receive calls.

Truckers have a difficult enough time keeping their vehicle on the road and in safe position. When a person takes his or her eyes off the road, such as to answer a text message, it increases the chance of an accident with another vehicle. This is why the federal government has implemented so many laws in regards to this activity.

As the driver of a passenger vehicle, you realize that truckers should not be texting or using a mobile phone. Even so, you also know that this does not always happen. There will always be people who break the law.

If you are injured in an accident caused by a trucker, don’t hesitate to call for medical assistance. You don’t want to take a risk with your health. Afterwards, you can focus on finding out about a claim for compensation.

Source: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, “Distracted Driving,” accessed June 09, 2016

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