How Electronic Medical Records Reduce Malpractice Claims

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A new Harvard Medical School study discovered that doctors who used electronic records were named in far fewer medical malpractice lawsuits than physicians using traditional, paper records.

The study’s authors believe that electronic medical records make it less likely for physicians to make an error, such as prescribing a drug that negatively interacts with medication that a patient is already taking. An electronic record databank instantly gives doctors a neat, complete and searchable record of a patient’s medical history – a serious upgrade from a thick stack of messy and disorganized charts and notes.

Although the benefits of e-records are well documented, hospitals and health clinics are slow to adopt electronic record systems because of the initial cost of upgrading from paper. Hopefully, the new Harvard study will help health institutions change their thinking from “how can we afford an e-record system?” to “how can we afford not to switch to e-records?”

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Source: U.S. News, “E-Records Linked To Fewer Malpractice Claims,” Randy Dotinga, June 25, 2012


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