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Important laws govern truckers to help keep the roads safer


Semi-truck drivers are required to follow very strict laws and guidelines when they are operating their vehicles. When truckers don’t follow the laws, accidents that involve injuries might occur.

The victims of these big rig accidents often opt to seek compensation to help them cover the costs they incurred because of the accident. There are several points that you should consider if you are filing a claim after a truck accident.

One important point to consider in a semi-truck accident case is the weight of the truck. There are maximum weight limits set for each type of truck. For example, tandem trucks can carry loads of up to 34,000 pounds. When weight limits aren’t complied with, there is a chance that the overload could lead to an accident.

It is equally important for drivers to ensure that the loads they are carrying are properly secured. As the trucker drives, loads that aren’t properly secured can shift in a manner that makes the truck or the load unsecured and dangerous.

Truckers must be licensed appropriately. In most cases, drivers need a commercial driver’s license. If the trucker is carrying certain types of loads, he or she must have special endorsements on the commercial license. Truckers must ensure that they follow all applicable laws and guidelines, such as hours of service regulations, when they are operating the trucks.

Any missteps by the trucker or trucking company might be the basis you need to prove negligence in a truck accident case. Personal injury attorneys experienced in handling truck crash cases can work to investigate the accident, trucker, and trucking company to determine who can and should be held liable.

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