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Increase In Home Births Puts Focus On Risk And Midwives, Part 2

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In light of the statistical trend towards more common home deliveries and the persistently higher risk associated with giving birth outside of a hospital or birth center, midwifery increasingly important. Ohio families who consider a home birth also need to think carefully about choosing a competent caregiver to assist with the delivery.

Far too many birth injury cases have involved midwife errors. When a home delivery involves expected complications, midwives suddenly find themselves responsible for making important and potentially life-changing care decisions. Many midwives, regardless of certification and training, are unprepared for these situations – and the result can be permanent conditions like brachial plexus injuries

Doctors are not the only parties who are liable in situations like this in which care errors lead to preventable harm. Midwives and their insurers may also be responsible for helping with the enormous costs of treating and caring for a child after a birth injury.

An experienced medical malpractice law firm can help Ohio families evaluate their options.

Source: AMedNews, “Pediatricians offer newborn care standards for home births,” Kevin B. O’Reilly, May 13, 2013 

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