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Birth injuries are some of the hardest, most complicated situations a family may ever have to face. Unfortunately, the victims of birth injuries are always the most innocent party, and families can feel lost and frightened after a birth injury occurs.

At The Donahey Law Firm, our Columbus birth injury lawyers have experience in these highly sensitive cases. We understand that when a preventable injury or death occurs as a result of medical negligence, a medical mistake or accident, the resulting grief, expenses, and long term effects can be devastating and life altering.

What Constitutes A Birth Injury?

At The Donahey Law Firm, our attorneys provide legal counsel to clients whose lives have been impacted by a birth injury, as well as any other severe or catastrophic personal injury. We have handled numerous cases involving injuries to infants and can answer the difficult questions that surround these unfortunate events.

We serve families involved in many kinds of birth injury cases, such as those involving cerebral palsy, forceps trauma, untreated jaundice, and other delivery room errors. We help parents understand the legal ramifications of these incidents. Our experienced birth injury lawyers bring a broad medical and legal understanding of birth injuries to each situation, and provide clients with the best opportunity to obtain fair compensation for their pain and suffering, medical expenses, and future damages caused by the accident.

Our team at The Donahey Law Firm has a significant success rate in birth injury cases, and you can visit our verdicts and settlements page to read about some of our case results. Below, you will find more information on several specific types of birth injuries.

Parents can seek compensation if they were not informed about risks posed by the pregnancy to the child and mother.

Cerebral Palsy and Cerebral Hypoxia are preventable medical conditions that can result from oxygen deprivation or trauma. Medical staff are responsible for preventing such incidents from occurring.

Proper care for both the mother and newborn are crucial after labor to ensure they remain healthy. Postpartum negligence usually results in injuries to the mother. Some examples of this negligence may include a failure to monitor the baby and mother following delivery, failure to order necessary medical tests, or failure to update medical records.

If doctors do not pick up on medical warning signs and take proper action to avoid complications or emergencies during labor, both mother and child can be severely injured.

Medical issues during pregnancy can pose risks to the mother and baby, but if they are discovered early and proper treatment is administered, medical injuries can be avoided. When such issues are not diagnosed and/or treated, this can result in birth injuries or death.

Jaundice can be common in infants, but if incorrect treatment is administered, no treatment is provided, or the child is not properly monitored, it can lead to many medical issues such as brain damage, vision problems, hearing loss, and more.

Some birth infections cannot be prevented, but others may actually be the result of medical negligence. Additionally, if an infection is not diagnosed and/or treated properly, the medical staff may be liable for resulting injuries.

Doctors may need to use forceps to deliver a child if there are birth complications. However, negligent use of these instruments can result in lifelong disabilities and hardship for the child.

If an infant suffers brain damage before or during delivery, it may be linked to medical malpractice.

C-sections are often used to counteract birth complications, and failure to perform one within the proper amount of time could be grounds for medical malpractice.

Preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome both begin with high blood pressure during pregnancy. If not discovered and treated properly, both of these conditions can have catastrophic consequences.

Doctors should closely monitor a baby’s vital signs during birth to prevent distress caused by inadequate blood flow. Failure to do so may be grounds for medical malpractice.

If a baby is deprived of oxygen for too long it may be considered medical malpractice. For example, if the baby gets wrapped in the umbilical cord or remains in the birth canal longer than they should, it can lead to brain damage and developmental issues.

In these tragic situations, The Donahey Law Firm works to sensitively handle each individual case. If medical malpractice was involved, you can count on us to get to the bottom of what happened and reveal the truth.

Failure to find an issue with the path of the umbilical cord and solve it promptly can cause lifelong problems for a child.

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If you have questions about a birth-related injury, or would like to schedule a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney in Columbus, Ohio, contact The Donahey Law Firm today. Our personal injury lawyers in Ohio serve families statewide who have suffered the tragedy of birth injuries.

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