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Unsafe & Defective Products

At The Donahey Law Firm, our attorneys handle a variety of cases involving injuries that were caused by defective or unsafe products, including prescription drug injury, railroad disasters, children’s toys safety hazards, tire defects, and more.

It can be difficult, costly, and time consuming to prove that a product is defective, which is why product liability cases require extra research, analysis, and time. Therefore, they ought to be handled by a personal injury attorney in Columbus, Ohio who is familiar with product liability.

At The Donahey Law Firm, we are experienced in handling product liability claims. We represent clients throughout Ohio, in cities such as Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Dayton, and Columbus. Our law firm has a proven track record in product liability cases of all sizes, resulting in million dollar verdicts and settlements.

Some of the product defect cases we can help with are outlined below.

The need for evolving medical technology has sparked life-improving innovation, but the high demand – and potential profit – has also encouraged some manufacturers to rush products onto the market before they have been sufficiently tested.

Hip Implants:

These medical devices often lead to serious injuries or death. When manufacturers issue a medical device recall, sometimes the recall rocks the entire medical industry. Other times, manufacturers quietly buy back their unsafe products in a “silent recall,” hoping to avoid widespread exposure regarding the unsafe nature of their devices. Regardless of what action manufacturers take, the consequences are the same for Ohio consumers when they have been harmed by a product they put their faith in.

Knee Replacement Devices:

Knee replacement devices have been involved in both recalls and product liability lawsuits. Two of the largest manufacturers of knee replacement devices, Stryker and Zimmer, have issued recalls and battled against patients whose injuries from defective knee replacements included pain, instability, allergic reactions, loosening of the device because of defective screws or bonding cement, and the need to have the device replaced and undergo another surgery.

The world’s pharmaceutical industry makes billions of dollars every single year, and drug companies are always seeking to develop and market the latest, greatest treatments for serious health problems.

Unfortunately, the rush to grab market share has created deadly consequences for consumers. Pharmaceuticals that have not been sufficiently tested are often put on the market. Sometimes, manufacturers are aware that their products present a serious health risk and make a cold-blooded financial decision to cover up potentially deadly side effects.

The Donahey Law Firm works to hold manufacturers liable for dangerous drugs that fall into the hands of innocent consumers. We cannot undo the harm they inflict on patients and families, but we can ensure that our clients are fully compensated for the harm they endure– physical, emotional, and financial. We seek punitive damages when pharmaceutical companies’ behavior is especially egregious.

We handle a variety of automobile defect claims that have caused injury or wrongful death. For example, a poorly made radial tire can result in tread separation. Tire tread separation and blowouts can be catastrophic because they often lead to serious car accidents and there is usually nothing a driver can do to keep control of a vehicle.

At The Donahey Law Firm, we help victims and families hold all parties accountable in vehicle defect cases– including manufacturers, distributors, and retailers – to make sure adequate compensation is received. Below is a list of just a few of the types of auto defect cases we handle:

  • Tire Defects
  • Rollovers
  • Unintended Acceleration
  • Fire/Explosion Hazards
  • Braking Defects
  • Steering Defects

Many Ohio industrial workers and farmers are killed each year by defective or unsafe machinery. Sometimes, a machine safeguard may have been removed or modified. In other situations, the machinery was designed with a serious safety flaw that the manufacturer could have prevented.

The Donahey Law Firm can help investigate an industrial accident and determine who was truly at fault so the victim can receive maximum compensation for their injuries.

The deadly effects of asbestos are still manifesting throughout Ohio. If you were exposed to asbestos as an employee and have recently been diagnosed with asbestosis, you need to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney immediately.

If you are or were a tenant exposed to asbestos that was not properly remediated, you may be eligible for compensation for resulting health problems. Note, there are strict time limits for filing this type of lawsuit, so do not delay.

Despite advances in sanitizing technology and stringent food safety regulations, foodborne illness is a common occurrence for Ohio consumers. Most people survive food poisoning and regain full health, but some Ohioans still die each year from food poisoning.

Common sources of food-related illness and death include:

If an outbreak has caused serious harm or death in your family, speak with an experienced personal injury attorney at The Donahey Law Firm as soon as possible.

Each year, car seats, cribs, clothes, and toys cause permanent injuries and death to children in Ohio. Product recalls come too late for some families and many are never aware that a particular child’s product has been recalled.

Choking, suffocation, and strangulation hazards are common. Other unsafe products may cause amputation or permanent eye injury. Magnetic toys and magnet sets also lead to a significant number of hospital visits among children, from infants to adolescents. Some life-threatening injuries include intestinal obstruction and perforations, ulcers, and sepsis.

If your child has been harmed or killed by a product, it is important to speak with our experienced Ohio injury lawyers as soon as possible.

Manufacturers and Distributors

Many injuries and deaths could be avoided if manufacturers or distributors took additional steps to ensure their products were safe before releasing them. There is an incentive to increase product safety in order to avoid liability in product liability lawsuits. However, when proper precautions are not taken in lieu of profit margins or other company concerns, and consumers suffer as a result, you need a reliable product liability attorney to help you get the compensation you are entitled to.

Personal Injury Attorney in Columbus, Ohio

At The Donahey Law Firm, our product liability attorneys represent individuals who have been injured as a result of an unsafe or defective product. We help individuals file their claims and obtain compensation for their injuries. If you have been injured by a consumer product or machine, at home or in the workplace, contact us to discuss your case.

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