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Is medication used to treat a brain injury?


When somebody suffers a brain injury, it’s easy to believe that surgery is the only option. And while this treatment may be the best strategy in some cases, it’s not always the first thing that the medical team considers.

In some cases, medications can be used immediately after a brain injury in an attempt to limit additional damage. Again, this isn’t something that is always used, but it’s a consideration.

Some of the most common types of medication to prevent secondary damage after a brain injury include:

— Anti-seizure drugs. When a person suffers a serious brain injury, the chance of a seizure is much greater. For this reason, anti-seizure drugs are often used for a period of one week after the injury.

— Diuretics. These drugs increase urine output and decrease the amount of fluid in tissues. This helps prevent too much pressure on the brain.

— Coma inducing drugs. As the name suggests, this type of drug is used to put a person into a coma. When this happens, the brain needs less oxygen.

These are just a few of the drugs that may be prescribed to a patient who suffered a brain injury. It goes without saying that the medical team in Ohio may decide to use another type of drug, if they believe it could be helpful.

In the event that a loved one suffers a head injury, do your best to learn more about the treatment options, including the types of medications that are available. From there, you can also turn your attention to the accident that caused the injury.

Source: Mayo Clinic, “Treatments and drugs,” accessed Sep. 29, 2016

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