Is there treatment for a spinal cord injury?

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Researchers and medical professionals continue to seek new ways to treat serious spinal cord injuries. While there may not be a cure for this type of injury, there are many treatment options that have been proven effective.

First and foremost, emergency care is of utmost importance. With the right treatment upfront, such as immediately following a motor vehicle accident, it’s possible to minimize damage.

There are other steps emergency responders and emergency room personnel can take, such as using methylprednisolone in an attempt to reduce damage to the nerve cells. This has been proven effective when administered within eight hours of the injury.

Of course, rehab programs continue to make major headway. Thanks to intense physical therapy, people who suffer a spinal cord injury have the opportunity to make progress in a slow but steady manner.

For some, electrical stimulation has led to massive results. This can help restore some functions, such as breathing, coughing and the ability to make small movements with the arms and legs.

As you can see, there are many types of treatment for a spinal cord injury. However, the type of treatment depends on many factors, such as the stage of recovery.

Due to the fact that spinal cord injuries are so serious, most people in this position require treatment and care for the rest of their lives. For this reason, if you or a loved one has suffered this type of injury, it’s important to learn why it happened and if another party can be held responsible. In this case, you may be able to receive compensation which can help pay for medical bills and future treatment.

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