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Judgment upheld against hospital whose brain surgery patient died

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Franklin, Ohio, readers might know about brain injuries and the extent of damage they can cause. A brain injury of any kind can impact a person’s life, and it’s often vital that the injuries are treated as soon as possible for the best outcome. You might be interested in this story that revolves around a patient with a brain tumor who was allegedly left to die, even when showing symptoms of serious pressure on the brain just before his surgery.

The news reports that the 24-year-old man had been taken to the UPMC Shadyside hospital on Nov. 15, 2003, because doctors in Cabell Huntington Hospital had claimed that he had a mass in his brain. This could have been a brain tumor or abscess, so he was sent for surgery. The man was allegedly scheduled for surgery at around 7:30 on the morning of Nov. 19 that year, but his condition got suddenly worse. He passed away later that day, even after emergency procedures took place.

A nurse allegedly reported that the pupil of the man’s left eye had been dilated and fixed, which meant there could be growing pressure on the brain. At that point, she believed that the man should have been treated as if it were an emergency, because without treatment, the pressure could lead to death. She claims that she phoned the neurosurgeon, but the accounts of what was said was not verified by that doctor, and in fact, differed. The doctor didn’t come to the hospital for an emergency surgery, which could explain the man’s death.

When you seek medical care for something as serious as a brain tumor, you expect the medical facility to take it seriously and to treat you well. If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in a similar situation, you may want to consider the options available to you that can help you pay for your medical bills or funeral costs.

Source:  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Court upholds $14.2 million judgment against UPMC” Robert Zullo, Nov. 04, 2013

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